Why We Are Different

In a word: Experience.

Perhaps the thing that singles out Garry Music Studios is the fact that the vast majority of our teachers are full time instructors. Every teacher at GMS has had many years of performance and teaching under their belts. This is great news for a new student. All too often, a pupil searches out a teacher only to find that it’s a neighbors kid, or an unexperienced teacher located in the back of a music store. At GMS each teacher has a personal studio that abundantly show the personality and personal touch of each instructor. Each studio is sound proofed to ensure a minimum of distractions during a lesson. All of our studios are fully equipped with everything that is needed to ensure a well rounded lesson.

Go around to a few music stores to see where the teachers are located. Then come in and see us and you’ll immediately see the difference for yourself.

But the greatest difference of all at GMS, is that all of our teachers LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to teach! For us, there is no greater reward than seeing a student travel from a beginner to an intermediate and finally to an advanced and skilled musician.  That spells success in all of our books!

We hope you’ll stop by to take a look around, ask questions, and find out the excitement that is in store for any student fortunate enough to come a study music at GMS!

See you soon!