About the Voice

The voice is a fine work of art that must be nurtured and cared for. It is capable of more expression than any other known instrument. To develop the voice, expert guidance is critical to avoid damaging this marvelous instrument.


The singer stands alone in a unique position in the world of music. The singer is a musician. The singer’s body is also the instrument. We call this instrument the voice. The development of the singing voice then is, in reality, a need to understand how the body functions when being used as a musical instrument.

There is no doubt that the human body is designed to sing. There are infinite variations of vocal sounds, the quality of which, is determined by five basic functions:

  1. How we inhale
  2. How we exhale
  3. How we open the throat
  4. How we open the jaw
  5. How we open the nose

Every thing else is a matter of the singer’s musical taste. The most beautiful sounds are produced when the voice is in complete agreement with the natural operational functions of the body.

Envision the diagram below to see more clearly understand the complex construction of the voice:

Click HERE for enlarged diagram